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The team at That Paleo Show are passionate about sharing our message of health and wellness with the world. We understand that in order for this planet to be healthier and more productive we don’t need fancy expensive programs, products or gimmicks. We just need to get back closer to the way we are designed to live and the way that our bodies are designed to work.

You don’t need us to tell you that stress, absenteeism and presenteeism are having  a major impact on Australian businesses, employees and their families. In fact in 2009/2010 presenteeism cost the average employee 6.5 days worth of productivity and as a result cost the nation $34.1 billion while in 2008 stress alone cost the nation $14.8 billion.

The crew at That Paleo Show are setting out to change all of this.

We have put together a series of programs and packages to help you get your team (and their families) happier, healthier and more productive!

The Primal Seminar Series


  1. Workplace Wellness made simple

How getting back to basics in how you eat, think and move can make you happier, healthier and more productive.

  1. Simple Stress Strategies

Simple information and techniques that your employees can implement to reduce their stress, increase their performance and keep themselves happy and healthy.

  1. Just Eat Real Food

Simple diet tips that can transform your workplaces energy, vitality, productivity and resistance to illness.

  1. Movement For Life

Simple, whole body movements you can do at home or even in your lunch break that take minimal time and require minimal equipment but can have maximum effect on your energy, stress levels and productivity.

Cave Camp

Wellness Retreats that allow your employees to not only hear about the benefits of a more primal lifestyle but live it and experience it.

1 day Camp

An action packed day or talks, food preparation, exercise and mindset exercises that will transform your employees from the inside out and help to release their innate health, energy and productivity

3 day Camp

Our flagship event the 3 day Cave Camp is the pinnacle of our workplace wellness program allowing your employees to fully immerse themselves in the primal lifestyle and learn information, techniques and skills that will stick with them for the rest of their careers and indeed lives.

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