Cave Camp

You’ve come to this page because you want to know more about Cave Camp! Awesome! We are going to tell you exactly what it is, but first, we want you know WHY it is!



Cave camp is for people who are new to Paleo and want to kick start their paleo journey, for people who already do Paleo and want more of it, or have been doing it for a while and want to take it to the next level.

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We also know that Paleo can be hard, especially if no one around you gets it or why you are doing it. It can be confusing to know where to start, what the next step should be. Or you are stuck in a rut, have plateaued and are wondering if it’s really worth all the trouble? You are wondering what you can eat, you’ve made the changes and are not getting the results you are reading about. We know it can be pretty devastating to make changes, then fall back into old habits and struggle with the cravings and addictions when really you know that you know better.

Cave Camp is your answer! Cave camp will give you the opportunity to get together with a small group of like minded cave peeps, where you can get personalized attention and coaching, REAL life examples and tips, get practical skills to use for the rest of your life.


This weekend will give you the time to find your inspiration, and:

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So – what exactly is Primal Collective CAVE CAMP?

Primal Collective Cave camp is a two and a half day experiential retreat where we guide a small group of 30 people through everything paleo.

You will be attending cooking demonstrations with a professional chef, then getting hands on in the cooking classes. You will be getting out and about in the picturesque wilderness for some exercise adventures. You will be breaking through your beliefs on the commando course, and doing a wicked high ropes course to conquer your fears. You will be spending evenings by the campfire, getting back to nature, chilling out and relaxing after a great days learning. You will be accommodated in a dorm style bunkhouse (we know – it’s not quite a cave, but it’s just as fun!).

You will be eating thinking and moving Paleo, immersing yourself in YOUR Paleo community.

Spaces are STRICTLY LIMITED to 30 people, this will sell out. BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW.


Hear what others had to say about their Cave Camp experience

“Hi it’s Steph here, former host of That Paleo Show. I just have to say that Sarah, Steve and Brett took our Cave Camp vision and made it especially awesome and epic. We just had the best time. I have to say though that my favourite part was just meeting people in real life. So often now we have all these facebook friends and I interview people over the podcast and whatnot but actually meeting them face to face and having them locked in a cabin for 3 days was fantastic. Especially Claire Yates because I cook her recipes all the time at home but she’s just so much better in the person and the participants too because the people that I met here I have been facebook friends with for a while but it’s it’s so much better to actually learn what they do in real life and meet them and give them hugs and find out what Paleo actually means to them and how it’s changed their lives and how they’ve implemented it with their families and spending a whole couple of days with the host as well because I can tell you, even though you live in the same town they can be hard people to pin down so having them in a cabin for 3 days was just fantastic. And how great is it to know that out of all the food we’re going to eat, there’s going to be no special food requirements, no one was grumpy, we didn’t have any mood swings, it was just absolutely fantastic. So I am really looking forward to eventually, hopefully, pretty pretty please another Cave Camp in Canada.” – Stephanie Wasylyk

“I’m Mark and I’ve just survived Cave Camp. I had an awesome experience. We did barefoot running and hiking, all of my favourite things as well as lots of learning. I would highly recommend the camp to anybody from start out paleo to people that have been doing it for years and we definitely going to the next one.” – Mark Follett

“Hi it’s Jamie here. I’ve enjoyed the presentation this weekend. We stepped outside of our comfort zones in a lot of the physical activities and totally enjoyed it. We met up with a really great bunch of people who are passionate about health and wellness and we’ve learnt so much this weekend at the 2014 Cave Camp right here in Adelaide.” – Jame Croydon

“Hi my name is Leah. I really appreciated Cave Camp because it was a constant immersion of the paleo culture. I thrived in the wholeness of community and the affirmation this is my life and my paleo family and I have their support.” – Leah Follett

“Hi I’m Kristin. What I loved about the Paleo Cave Camp was the chance to learn some new ways to move my whole body and also how to do more efficient exercise. It was really great to have such a variety of awesome food cooked for us for the whole weekend and to learn a lot more about nutrition and gut health.” – Kristin Gill

“Hi it’s Julie here. What I loved most about Cave Camp was multitude of physical challenges, night bush walks, functional exercises and high ropes were definitely a highlight for me.“ – Julie Croydon

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